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Conference Pitch Takers

For our Conference Writers:

Congratulations! You have a book you want to pitch!  We recognize how much time and hard work has gone into writing your manuscript. You’re justifiably excited (as you should be) and yet now there is more work to be done.

We know that sometimes writers wish they could get someone else to write their synopses and queries, to find them

an agent or editor.

Except, no one can represent your book as well as you can. No one else has their heart and soul as deeply invested

in your book as you do.

In the same vein, we cannot tell you which person you should pitch your book to nor who will be the best agent for your individual story. Take some time to read the information we provide herein. Check out the websites we’ve included for you. Read what you find in online searches and make the best choice for your manuscript.

After all the work you’ve done to write a book, take a few more steps towards the successful publication of your book. It will be worth it and then onto your next book!

Patricia Dunn

Conference Coordinator

Westport Writers’ Workshop

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