Our Policies

Covid Policy

As of August 2021, all writers and instructors are required to wear masks in our in person workshops. We are monitoring CDC guidelines closely so will certainly change our policy as things change and develop. Most of our workshops will still meet remotely this fall.

Minimum Enrollment

Our multi-week workshops are limited to 7 or 8 participants. In the event enrollment is less than 5 participants in our workshops, the Westport Writers’ Workshop reserves the right to reduce the workshop by 1/2 hour. Any workshop with 3 or fewer participants may be canceled before the start of class. Those registered will have the choice of switching to another available workshop or receive a full refund. Our multi-week workshops are limited to 7 or 8 participants.


Age Limit

18 and older


Refunds and Credit Policy

Students withdrawing more than three weeks before the start of the first workshop will receive a refund or full credit toward a future workshop. No refund will be given for students withdrawing less than 3 weeks prior to the start of the workshop, or after the first meeting of the workshop, regardless of whether the student attended the workshop. Makeups will be scheduled for any cancellation due to weather, or any other cancellation by the Westport Writers’ Workshop.  In the event a makeup cannot be scheduled, a pro-rated refund will be given.

To receive a refund or credit please call or email the Westport Writers’ Workshop at (203) 227-3250 or info@westportwriters.org

Credits will be honored for one full year from date of purchase. Failure to attend a workshop does not constitute an official withdrawal. Westport Writers’ Workshop reserves the right to remove any participant who is disruptive or unpleasant. In that case, no refund will be provided.



There are no refunds if a student cannot attend a regularly scheduled class or make-up class or workshop.


Pre-Registration Policy

Our pre-registration period allows us to keep students who have studied together in the same group for purposes of continuity.  We give first priority to students from the previous semester who wish to continue with their current class. Following the pre-registration period, classes will be open to those on the waiting list and new registrants.


Code of Conduct

The Westport Writers Workshop has been helping writers achieve their artistic goals by providing a "safe place" to experiment and share work with fellow members without fear of unwanted exposure, unasked for criticism, or copying. To encourage creativity, the workshop's policy about confidentiality is as follows: you may not discuss or provide information about another writer's work to anyone outside the workshop without the writer's permission.

Sometimes in a workshop, the line between inspiration and copying can become blurred. Anytime a writer wants to use something they've seen in another person's work, they must ask permission from the author. If unsure, they can ask the moderator of the group or the director for guidance. We remain committed to the spirit of creativity and sharing and look forward to reading your work!


The Westport Writers’ Workshop follows the Westport Public School calendar for holiday closures.