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Five Questions with Diane Parrish

"I am so grateful for the opportunity the conference provided me and am still pinching myself on a daily basis." -Diane Parrish, 2022 conference attendee

1. Why did you decide to attend the conference?

I had a finished novel that had not attracted the attention of an agent or publisher and so I decided to sign up and in the hope that I would learn more about pitching and the industry in general. I was so so nervous about pitching that I almost bailed many times, but Amanda (Parrish Morgan, Diane's daughter and WWW instructor) kept insisting I go. She reassured me my book was good and reminded me no one would ever know that if I didn’t at least try to get it published. I was physically ill that day, but a glitch in the world of virtual communication turned out to be huge blessing. The publisher I was supposed to talk to could not get her zoom to work, but she was kind enough to circle back to me after the conference and from that conversation requested my whole manuscript.

2. How did you prepare for the conference?

I wrote out my pitch, my comps, my synopsis and answers to questions I thought I might get asked. I also prayed and paced and hyperventilated most of the day.

3. What was your experience like on the day of the conference? I know you attended remotely.

I learned so much! It was helpful to hear other writers' questions and experiences. The conference helped me get a bit of a big picture view for what publishing looks like in the year 2022.

4. What advice do you have for all of the writers attending this year's Pitch & Publish conference?

Take the risk. Don’t writers doubt themselves all the time? Put that “Who do you think you are?” voice aside and take a chance. Nothing may come of it in the way of a book contract, but you will most certainly learn a lot and also make connections with people who understand writing and publishing.

5. Tell us about your book!

Something Better is the story of the universal struggle to extend and accept forgiveness. Which wrongs are forgivable? Who has the right to ask for it? Can imperfect forgiveness lead to redemption? Told with compassion, honesty, and flashes of humor, the story draws readers into the lives of three characters grappling with forgiveness from different perspectives, who along the way and elicit our empathy, admiration and affection.

Diane's novel, Something Better, is due out later this year.

Early-bird tickets for $600 are now available until March 31st.

$350 conference-only tickets includes all panels; does not include pitching to agents.

**The day’s panels and speakers will all be recorded and available to attendees after the conference as well. Space is limited! Keep reading to learn more about our panelists, agents, and editors!

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