Five Questions With Our New Office Manager, Monica Woo

1.) Where are you from and where do you live?

Born and ra

ised in Hong Kong I am a first-generation Chinese immigrant who moved to Alaska when I was a teenager. Thanks to my former global corporate career, I had lived and worked on four continents. Currently, I live in Stamford CT.

2.) What do you like to do when you're not working?

When not working, I learn how to write from the marvelous Julie Sarkissian and other inspiring instructors and writers at the Westport Writers’ Workshop, a community I have cherished since 2018. I partner with Nepali tech geeks and non-profit education organizations to offer free Artificial Intelligence curriculum to under-resourced public schools. On a daily basis, I do Zumba to free my wild side, and practice yoga to tame my spirit.

3.) Any fun facts we should know?

胡 (“Woo”), my Chinese last name combined the two radicals, “ancient” and “moon”.

My favorite celestial object is the Second Moon, named Kamo’oalewa. It is a piece of lunar rubble that spiraled away from the moon. Rather than crash-landing on Earth or tumbling off into the void, it found itself a quasi-satellite in its own right and is circling the earth in a quirky corkscrew-like trajectory. Kamo’oalewa inspires me to take the road less travelled. After a Chinatown shopping spree, I managed to smuggle a roast duck and two boxes of dim sum into the Met Museum. Happy to organize a WWW dim sum and food shopping tour! The most exotic place where I had practice the eagle – my favorite yoga pose - was on top of the lava flows of Galapagos’ Santiago Island. It was spiritual and humbling.

4) What do you think about Westport Writers?

I barely spoke English when I first moved to Alaska. To learn the language, I tried to memorize the dictionary. Writing does not come easy for me. I am so grateful for the coaching and encouragement of instructors and fellow writers at WWW. With my stories, I hope to give voice to the voiceless, and inspire all people that life is not about survival of the fittest, but evolution into better versions of ourselves.

5.) Any favorite books?

One of my favorites is Winter Is Coming by Garry Kasparov, which tells the story of Putin’s ascension and Russia’s return to a dictatorship. Another good and timely read is Red Famine by Anne Applebaum, which depicts Stalin’s deliberate starvation to death of nearly four million Ukrainians.

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