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with Julie Sarkissian


In this manuscript focused class, each writer will submit 1200 words each week in advance of class. The group will come to class having read everyone’s work. Feedback will be shared, contextualized by the writer's specific goals, challenges and intentions. Then the writers will turn back to their writing, working in class to find “the next right thing for the work,” be that directly incorporating the class’s feedback, moving forward with a new scene, developing an old one, adding a new layer or story-line, etc. Finally, we will share what changes we added to the manuscript, and, time permitting, have a second round of feedback. A writing sample of 250 words maximum is required for entrance to this workshop.




In-Person at 25 Sylvan Road South, Unit J, Westport, CT 06880

or Online via ZOOM (link will be sent the week of the first class)


5 Mondays

November 6, 13, off, 27, December 4, 11