with Julie Sarkissian


A wise woman once said, “Feel the force, don’t force the feel.”  In this advanced memoir class we celebrate and nurture the powerful, mysterious creative force inside all of us.  By practicing radical self-expression and true creative freedom, we allow our art to astonish, surprise and teach us. Each class begins with prompted writing-time, followed by share-time, during which each writer will read aloud five pages of work written in advance class. The feedback that each writer then receives on her piece is positive, judgement-free, honors the essential nature of the piece, rather than what the piece “could" or “should” be. Put your creative self in the driver’s seat; you'll be amazed where she takes you. 


This class is open for registration by permission of the instructor only.  A short manuscript submission is required.  Please contact the office if you are interested in registering.

Online via ZOOM
7 Fridays, 12noon to 2:30pm
April 9, 23, 30, May 7, 14, 21, 28
For more info, call 203.227.3250 or email info@WestportWriters.org


Please Note: WWW reserves the right to reduce the class time by 1/2 hour if enrollment is less than 5 students.

Feel the Force II: Advanced Memoir Writing for Women with Julie Sarkissian

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