with Marie Cordell


According to author Douglas Glover, “The best novels are like dreams. They come out of the silence of the page like a dream…Like dreams, novels use image patterning as a device for suggesting meaning: image repetition, association, juxtaposition, and splintering (Viktor Shklovsky’s term for the branching pattern created by a repeating image and its associated or split-off elements which also repeat).” If images make fiction sing, image patterns are the orchestra that enlivens and deepens the song.


In this seminar, we will discuss how writers use image patterning – the “repetition, association, juxtaposition, and splintering” of images – to strengthen their fiction, to give it meaning and life. We will identify and dissect image patterns in literature and do some exercises to apply the skill to our own writing.

Online via ZOOM
10am to 12noon
Saturday, March 20


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Image Patterning in Stories and Novels with Marie Cordell

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