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Sharpen Your Point of View While Making Mini iPhone Movies With Traven Rice


Explore the unique way you see the world and how it strengthens your storytelling. In this one-day workshop you'll discover new ways to present your unique, creative voice to the world with images. By following Traven’s fun prompts and exercises, you’ll learn how to use the Beginner’s Mind approach to tap into creativity, while making mini movies on your smart phone. 


The workshop is two hours with an optional hour to edit and share your work at the end.





Sunday, November 5, 2023



2:00-4:00pm EST



For more info, call 203.227.3250 or email



Traven Rice ( is a filmmaker and journalist based in the Lower East Side of NYC. As a director and a writer, she has worked in both the documentary and fictional space, having documented her neighborhood for over a decade, covering the people who make up the local community on a daily basis. She has directed numerous fictional short films that have won many awards at top tier festivals and has two feature films in early development.


As a longtime Zen practitioner and Sensei, she has integrated her meditation experience with personal storytelling in order to create this workshop. 

Sharpen Your Point of View While Making Mini iPhone Movies - ONLINE

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