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with Amanda Parrish Morgan


The college essay can be daunting in both its open-endedness and importance. The prompts ask students to do a kind of self-reflective narrative writing that many haven’t had much experience with, and, because the task often feels so high-stakes, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. How can students balance the seemingly impossible demands of this task with the imperative to stay true to themselves and write with authenticity? In an age of AI and Chat-GPT, it’s essential that the student’s voice remains at the heart of the essay. This week-long college essay boot camp is designed to bring students from blank page to completed draft over the course of five three-hour meetings.


On Monday we’ll read through the Common App prompts, talk about the college essay’s audience and purpose, discuss best practices, and debunk some of the myths students may have heard about what they “should” an “should not” write. 


Tuesday is all about drafting. Students will respond to prompts, answer unexpected (and sometimes seemingly unrelated) questions, and work on generating a variety of attempts from which to work and refine


On Wednesday, students will begin to think about shaping and revising. What images, moments, and language stands out? How can these pieces be organized and ordered to make the most of the essay?


On Thursday, students will workshop a complete draft. On Friday, we’re in polish mode: students will review their work in one-on-one meetings with Amanda and we’ll get into the fine-tuning of grammar, syntax, and mechanics to make the finished piece illustrate the thoughtfulness and care they’ve put into their writing  


Optional: Want an extra hour of one-on-one attention?
Amanda will provide written feedback and/or help advise with the essay for a total of an extra hour of consultation time. Please choose this option in the drop-down menu when purchasing this workshop. This extra time will be scheduled directly with  Amanda during the week of August 19.

IN PERSON at 25 Sylvan Road South, Unit J, Westport, CT 06880

5 days

August 12- 16


10am-1pm EST



WWW reserves the right to cancel this workshop if fewer than three participants register.


About the Instructor...

Amanda Parrish Morgan is the author of STROLLER (Bloomsbury 2022), of which The New Yorker wrote “the central strength of the book is not comprehensiveness but the way the stroller, and Morgan’s experience of her own strollering years, become an omnidirectional magnet, pulling disparate material into friendly proximity.”


Some of Amanda’s writing has appeared in The Rumpus, LitHub, Guernica, The Millions, n+1, Electric Literature, Carve, The American Scholar, The Ploughshares Blog, JSTOR Daily, The Washington Post, Real Simple, Women’s Running and ESPNW.


The College Essay with Amanda Parrish Morgan - IN PERSON

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