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Rebecca Stay has taken her three decades of experience working in TV and parlayed it into script consulting – working with writers of all levels. From the most established writers, to those just starting out, she can help you navigate and layer your material – whether it's your first or fifth draft. 


Deadlines are hard to navigate, especially if there isn't anyone on the other side (studio, network, agent, manager) waiting for your next draft. It's no surprise that whether you're writing a feature or a pilot script for TV, it never feels fully ready. As the writer/showrunner Donald Todd once told Rebecca: “It’s done when you can support it and defend it and not apologize for it or make excuses or belittle it at all. When you can say, 'This is it, this is what I want you to read'.” This is the goal of this mentorship. To have a draft ready for the marketplace; to be seen by the world. 


This is an EIGHT WEEK SESSION including FOUR ZOOM CALLS (30 minutes long) and TWO READS/TWO SETS OF NOTES along with ADVICE on how to continue to move forward. 


Mentorship includes: 

  • Week One: An introductory zoom call to get acquainted, talk about what's at the heart of the project and discuss goals 

  • Week Two: Writer will receive written notes on draft submitted (60 pp max), followed by a Zoom call at a mutually agreed upon time, to discuss any q's from the notes before diving back in 

  • Week Five: Submit revised draft 

  • Week Six: Writer to receive written notes, followed by a Zoom call to discuss any q's from the notes before diving back in 

  • Week Eight: Fourth call to discuss next steps in the writer's process and how the writer will move forward 


Also included:

Email exchanges (a reasonable amount) for any clarifications needed while writing, as well as advice on whether the script feels viable for the current marketplace and, if the writer is interested in information on writing programs/competitions, will offer suggestions about the ones that might be the right fit. 



WHERE: ZOOM and via email

DURATION: Eight (8) weeks

ADMISSION: Rolling admissions year-round

START DATE: The program begins with the writer's first submission and the first Zoom call (mutually agreed upon date and time)

END DATE: Eight weeks after start date, with the final feedback and last

Zoom call


TV Pilot Mentorship with Rebecca Stay

SKU: M501
  • If you’re interested in a mentoring program not yet on the website, please contact us for more information.

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