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Year Long Workshop with Rahla Xenopoulos


To Apply, fill out this form

Application deadline is January 15th. 


This year long class is designed for more advanced authors of fiction or non fiction who feel invested in the writing of one particular project and, are serious about completing a book.


Our group will meet for 3 hour workshops for 11 months to explore important different aspects of book writing. During these classes Rahla will provide instructional methods for how to approach each aspect and then writers will be given focused exercises.


Craft focus will be on:
● Structure
● Character back story
● Character development
● Theme
● Archetypes:

The hero/ protagonist
The villain
The joker/ fool

● The role location has in storytelling
● Dialogue


The eleventh session will be a group discussion about where you see your book, what you feel might prevent it from completion and, what you are excited about.


Rahla will meet privately with each student once at the beginning of the year so that she can familiarize herself with your story, your ambitions and concerns. During the first half of the year she will read the first fifty pages of your manuscript.


The second time you meet will be a private meeting half way through the course so that Rahla can give feedback on your first fifty pages, and, to check in on how you are doing.


The third and final private session will be to discuss closure and completion of the project. This year long workshop is to provide the writer with a writing community, goal oriented assignments to keep writing forward and productive revisions. 


To Apply, fill out this form.

Application deadline is January 15th.





First Wednesday of each month

2/7, 3/6, 4/3, 5/1, 6/5, 7/3, 8/7, 9/4, 10/2, 11/6, and 12/4



6:00-9:00pm EST



For more info, call 203.227.3250 or email



Rahla Xenopoulos is the author of “A Memoir of Love and Madness.’ (Random House) and the novels ‘Bubbles,’ (Penguin.) ‘Tribe’ (Penguin) and ‘The Season of Glass.’ (Penguin). She has published short stories in the anthologies, ‘Women Flashing’, ‘Twist’ and ‘Just Keep Breathing.’ She has written for The Sunday Times, Glamour Magazine, and Oprah Magazine. Her latest book, The Season of Glass was a finalist for the Sunday Times Literary Award. She gives writing workshops to underprovided children and is on the boards of SA-Yes. And Short Story Day Africa, and teaches writing in South Africa, as well as in Greece, the U.K., and New York, and has worked with both experienced writers and novices from all over the world. 


Rahla lives in New York with her husband and teenage triplets. 

Year Long Workshop with Rahla Xenopoulos - ONLINE

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