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Five Questions with Matt Ember

1. When did you know you wanted to get into film & television? High school. Seriously. I used to come home from practice (wrestling) and watch MASH reruns. 2. What do you love most about the process of writing a script? Making something up, your way. Basically writing something you would like to watch.

3. What are the top most important tips for students writing a screenplay? Think first. Study the form. Don’t just start typing! Filling up 120 pages doesn’t make something a screenplay. :) 4. What's your favorite craft book on screenwriting? I don’t have one. I don’t know if you can really learn screenwriting from a book. I think you need to watch movies. Break them down yourself. See what makes it work. And how your favorite movies utilize three-act structure. 5. Lastly, what is your all time favorite movie and tv show? Oh man, that’s too hard. I can’t pick just one of anything. There are so many I love. Lots of comedies, of course, since that’s mostly what I write. But plenty of serious dramas too. Apocalypse Now is fantastic. But so is There’s Something About Mary. For TV shows… how about oldies like Hill Street Blues or St. Elsewhere. Or something new like Slow Horses. For comedies… Cheers, MASH, All in the Family, The Good Place. The Conners?

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