Virtual Team Meeting

Mentoring Program

for Intermediate to Advanced Fiction

This innovative, one-on-one program combines personalized instruction in the craft and art of fiction with inspiration toward your writing goals. Based on the mentoring segment of the MFA in creative writing, the program provides support for your project and you as a writer from a writing professional who understands publishing and the writing life.

Here’s how it works… Every week and a half you’ll email one submission of up to 10 pages of short or long-form fiction in Word.doc or .docx format. You’ll receive your commented pages back within one week, unless otherwise noted, with feedback in the form of line editing, comments and queries, and an overview of the pages with particulars on craft elements. The program is suitable for literary, upmarket, and genre fiction.


Also included/planned are:

  • THREE (3) ZOOM MEETS: The first occurs at the start of the program to discuss your project and goals. The second occurs around the program midpoint to review any questions or considerations. The last occurs at the program close to answer the remaining questions and plan the next steps.

  • READINGS: With each commented submission, the mentor will include suggested readings on craft elements that need further development.

  • RESOURCES: Handouts on craft and writing resources, a bibliography tailored to your needs and project, a checklist that defines key craft elements, and questions to consider for each element.

  • A GOAL: Up to 40 pages of new and/or revised work.


Writing Sample: A two-page writing sample is required for acceptance into the program. 

LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced

WHERE: ZOOM and via email
DURATION: Eight weeks
ADMISSION: Rolling admissions year-round
STATE DATE: The program begins with the mentor and writer’s first ZOOM meeting
END DATE: Eight weeks after start date
PRICE: $595

For more information, call (203) 227-3250 or email

This program is filled until June 1st. To apply for the program, please contact us to be waitlisted.
If you're interested in a mentoring program not yet on the website, please contact us for more information.

Adele Annesi’s workshop has not only made me a better writer, but a more critical reader and editor as well.  The feedback from both teacher and classmates has been invaluable and has opened up new ways for me to see my work.  But the cherry on top has been the wonderful camaraderie of our group.  I couldn’t have asked for kinder, more supportive or more enriching people.