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Mentoring Program

This innovative, one-on-one program combines personalized instruction in the craft and art of writing with inspiration toward your project and overall writing goals. Based on the mentoring segment of the MFA in creative writing, the program provides support for your project and you as a writer from a writing professional who understands writing in your area of interest, publishing and the writing life.

Here’s how it works…  Over the roughly eight weeks of the program, you’ll email your mentor three to four submissions, usually up to 10 pages in Word.doc or .docx format. You’ll receive your commented pages back in approximately one week, unless otherwise noted by your mentor, with feedback in the form of line editing, comments and queries, and an overview of the pages with particulars on craft elements.

Also included/planned are:

  • Three Zoom Meets: The first occurs at the start of the program to discuss your project and goals. The second occurs around the program midpoint to review any questions and/or considerations. The last occurs at the program close to answer remaining questions and plan next steps.

  • Readings: Periodically throughout the program, your mentor will provide suggested readings on craft elements that need further explanation and/or development.

  • Resources: These usually include handouts on craft and writing resources, a bibliography tailored to your needs and project, a checklist of key craft elements and questions to consider for each element.

  • Goal: Up to 40 pages of new and/or revised work.


You can work out the schedule, number of submissions, submission lengths, types of feedback, and number of Zoom meets with your mentor once you’re matched with the right instructor for your project and genre.


For more on the mentoring program, also see our blog post at Five Questions About Our Mentoring Program”.

To apply for the program, please contact us.

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If you're interested in a mentoring program not yet on the website, please contact us for more information.