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Meet Our Summer Intern, Meryl!

My name is Meryl Kaduboski and I am a rising junior at Wake Forest University. I am working toward a double major in mathematical statistics and psychology. My love of math developed at a young age and my interest in psychology came later. I am involved in a number of activities on campus including a virtual tutoring program, sorority, service fraternity, and the Wake Forest concert choir. I am excited to keep participating in these activities in the coming school year.

While my academic interests are mainly science and math related, that has never stopped me from picking up a good book. I generally gravitate toward the fantasy genre but have enjoyed a number of different types of books in class. The Great Gatsby was a favorite of mine in high school and I find it fascinating that it was likely based in Westport. It is amazing to think that a man who lived such a mysterious and interesting life might have been much closer to home than expected. As a kid, I also read series such as Harry Potter and The Land of Stories which you can still catch me enjoying now.

I have had a decent amount of free time over the past year, between quarantine and online classes, and have a variety of interests. I love to sing and have been in school choirs for as long as I can remember. I like to draw and paint on my old ballet pointe shoes for fun. I am looking forward to traveling in the near future when I study abroad in Venice with a school program. As it will be my first time in Europe, I plan to visit as many places as possible on our three day weekends!

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