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Backstory with Ines Rodrigues


Backstory can be a key element in a narrative as it’s a set of events that have happened before your main story. It’s an important device to show some aspects of your characters, or to make your reader understand key elements in the plot. 
Writing backstory can be tricky because it must be smoothly incorporated in the narrative, without breaking the flow or creating a timeline confusion. 
In this class, we'll study passages from great writers who use smart techniques when writing backstory. We'll apply these techniques individually through exercises and prompts, followed by discussions.

By the end of this three-hour workshop, you will:

• Identify how much backstory you need in your project.
• Choose the right way to incorporate these important past facts in a present narrative, keeping the flow of the present action.
• Learn techniques to deal with present, past, and future in the same story.





October 14th



10:00-1:00pm EST



For more info, call 203.227.3250 or email



Ines Rodrigues is a journalist and fiction writer, currently doing her MFA in creative writing and translation at Columbia University, in New York. She has been living in the USA for many years. She published her first novel, Days of Bossa Nova, in 2017, and she's currently writing her second work of fiction. Ines has been an instructor at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College since 2016. She is the former editor of Scarsdale Living Magazine, and also teaches Italian and creative writing at Bronxville Adult School. She is the curator of The Scarsdale Salon, a quarterly literary event in partnership with the Salon de Belleville (Paris, France).  Read more about Ines Rodrigues and enjoy her blog at

Backstory with Ines Rodrigues - ONLINE

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