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with Suzanne Farrell Smith


This innovative, one-on-one program combines personalized instruction in the art and craft of creative nonfiction with an introduction to the writing life: meeting goals, sustaining motivation, finding support, publishing, and more. Based on the mentoring segment of the MFA in creative writing, the program provides support for your project, and you as a writer, from a published writing professional.

The program lasts eight (8) weeks. Depending on your project and needs, we will schedule when you will submit writing and when you will receive feedback. Typically, mentees submit up to five (5) pages of writing each week and receive feedback within two (2) days along with substantial ideas and resources. Mentoring is suitable for students writing individual pieces or one longer work of creative nonfiction.


Also included:


  Call #1 (30 minutes during week 1), we will discuss your project and goals.

  Call #2 (30 minutes during week 4), review questions or considerations.

  Call #3 (30 minutes during week 8), address remaining questions and set

  up next steps.

• RESOURCES: The mentor will suggest exemplar writing, craft pieces, helpful books, authors to follow, and/or other resources.

• GOAL: Approximately 40 pages of new and/or revised work, a hearty understanding of the creative nonfiction genre, and a practical introduction to life as a writer.





ZOOM and via email


Eight (8) weeks


Rolling admissions year-round


The program begins during, or shortly after,the first week of the season, with the writer's first submission and the first Zoom call (mutually agreed upon date and time)

Eight (8) weeks after start date, with the final feedback and last Zoom call


Please call (203) 227-3250 or email


Mentoring Program for Creative Nonfiction - all levels - Suzanne Farrell Smith

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  • If you’re interested in a mentoring program not yet on the website, please contact us for more information.

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