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for English Departments

Our instructors are available for partial or full-day professional development workshops. We offer workshops tailored to each department’s needs. Whether you’re looking for new resources and tools for teaching creative writing or college essays and supplements, how to strengthen students’ voices in analytical writing, or how to encourage your students not to “sound like robots,” we can help!


·      How to foster effective writing

·      Creative writing workshops

·      College Essay - brainstorming, development, and revision

·      Voice in Analytical writing


Rates available upon request.


“As a Department Chair and teacher for over 15 years, I am always looking for new ways to teach and encourage authentic writing. Today's world demands that students be articulate, sensitive, and creative citizens—they must think critically and express themselves in powerful ways. The teacher workshop by Liz Matthews was both inspiring and enjoyable for our group of teachers, aiming to foster a student's voice and creativity. She shared numerous resources and exercises to use with students of all grade levels. We even had time to practice some creative writing of our own! The Westport Writers Workshop is a terrific resource for teachers and educational coaches to find engaging ways to help students become empowered writers."

- Bethel High School English Department Chair

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